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The flaws of foreign aid: A focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Women wheel their food rations, that have been donated by the Australian Governemnt, at a food distirbution point in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 23rd April, 2009.

BY ISABELLA ANTOLLINI, 27/11/2016 Possibly, foreign aid’s most quoted flaw is corruption. In an alarming number of cases, recipient governments seem embroiled with aid-related corruption. For example, Malawi’s former President Muluzi was charged with embezzling $12 million from aid money. Zambia’s former President Chiluba was involved in a case revealing that ...

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To steer the course, or capsize the ship?


The macroeconomic policies of the Clinton and Trump campaigns BY JAMES MACPHERSON, 27/11/2016 Presidential candidates often put forward proposals that are as much political statements as firm policy positions. In an election cycle where labour and trade issues are taking centre stage, Clinton and Trump’s fiscal philosophies hold sway in carving ...

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Blue-Collar Anger and the Appeal of Trump


BY LILY HESS, 27/11/2016 The United States is experiencing a truly distinct presidential election. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, has endured in the election thus far despite his complete lack of political experience and unruly behavior that would normally disqualify any other candidate. His shortfalls are only exacerbated by his ...

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Did the Arab Spring reaffirm Rentier State Theory?


BY ALEXANDRIA REID, 27/11/2016 In early 2011, as an unexpected wave of revolutions spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa unseating dictators from their long held family thrones, patterns of regime resilience seemed to reaffirm Rentier State Theory (RST). Several scholars explained the survival of petroleum-exporting states with reference to ...

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STUDENT DEBATE: To Leave or Not to Leave? Discussing Britains Membership in the European Union

IN, STRONGER TOGETHER BY COLIN DOUAY JERNE, 03/05/2016 ”We are with you but not of you”. Churchill’s words still resonate in today’s political speeches. After returning from EU negotiations in Brussels in February, Prime Minister David Cameron has now settled the date for the future referendum on the British membership in the European ...

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