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Felix Martin: What is Money – and why does it matter?

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.02.29

BY CELINE GE 23/03/2015 Felix Martin, author of the highly acclaimed book “Money – The Unauthorised Biography” and former World Bank economist, predicts that continuous technological innovation will give birth to new generations of digital currencies. During his talk on 24 March hosted by the King’s Economics and Finance Society, ...

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Tim Harford: Forecasting the Future in Hindsight

Tim Harford flicking through the latest issue of Perspectives after his talk

BY BEATRICE FALERI 17/03/2015 Why economists failed to anticipate the 2008 global financial collapse  has been an unanswered question  since 2008. The answer that economist Tim Harford, FT journalist, BBC presenter and author of the bestseller The Undercover Economist gave to the crowd was: ‘They simply could not see it”. The ...

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Ha-Joon Chang – Economics: A User’s Guide

Ha-Jong Chang flicking through second issue of through Perspectives at EFS event. By Ines Medem

Whenever economic calamity strikes we reach for a textbook to gain an understanding of what just happened. Ha-Joon Chang’s phenomenal book, “Economics: the User’s Guide” has helped many of us understand our increasingly global and interconnected world, often driven by economics. It was a pleasure having him talk about his ...

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