The Alternative Finance Frontier


BY JIMMY MCLOUGHLIN, 25/03/2016 When I graduated in 2009, it was not a good time to be an ambitious twenty-something trying to get a foot on the career ladder. Big graduate recruiters were shedding staff and not taking on many graduates. Banks, law firms, accountants, ad agencies, IT companies, retailers ...

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Trust and Relationships in the Sharing Economy


BY PAOLO PARIGI, 25/03/2016 Market economies never fully displaced bartering and gift exchanges. In small-scale enclaves of our social world, these two types of interactions remained common even after the full development of capitalism. My cousin handing down clothes for my daughter, or the trading of items between collectors are both ...

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Bitcoin: Regulating the Deregulated


BY PRIMAVERA DE FILIPPI, 25/03/2016 Bitcoin is widely known as a decentralized payment system, which allows for the transfer of funds across borders at virtually no costs and without external control (Abramowicz, 2015). As such, it can serve as a new backbone technology for depository institutions, increasing the speed and efficiency ...

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Beyond Bitcoin


BY VASILIS KOSTAKIS and CHRIS GIOTITSAS, 25/03/2016 A growing number of economists are concerned about the widening rift between the actual productive economy and its financial counterpart, noting that new banking tools create value that translates into money but not also into real production value. The utilisation of money as a credit tool ...

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Time To Go Beyond GDP


BY MARTINE DURAND 8/10/2015 Answering the question of whether or not societies are making progress, and at what pace, is complex. Even deciding what progress should look like is not straightforward, as it involves a value judgment about the desirable goals for a society across multiple economic, social and environmental dimensions. For ...

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The Degrowth Alternative


BY GIORGOS KALLIS An extended version of this article was first published on ‘The Great Transition Initiative’ (greattransition.org) in February 2015. Both the name and the theory of degrowth aim explicitly to repoliticize environmentalism. Sustainable development and its more recent reincarnation ‘green growth’ depoliticize genuine political antagonisms between alternative visions ...

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Europe’s Persistent Stagnation

Old people

BY JUAN F. JIMENO After the Great Depression and the subsequent European debt crisis, the European economy seems nowadays to be gaining some momentum. Yet there are structural factors that could make the recovery sluggish and keep unemployment persistently high. These structural factors are population ageing and declining working age population, ...

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Climate and Growth

Climate and Growth

BY MILAN BRAHMBHATT 08/10/2015 We appear to face a moral dilemma about economic growth. Growth is essential to improve human welfare today, most notably that of poor people in developing countries. But, as presently structured, it also contributes to escalating climate risk, which could have a catastrophic impact on the ...

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