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To steer the course, or capsize the ship?


The macroeconomic policies of the Clinton and Trump campaigns BY JAMES MACPHERSON, 27/11/2016 Presidential candidates often put forward proposals that are as much political statements as firm policy positions. In an election cycle where labour and trade issues are taking centre stage, Clinton and Trump’s fiscal philosophies hold sway in carving ...

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Inequilibrium: Greece, Germany and Social Science


BY TOMMASO PENNA 8/10/2015 The recent Greek debt crisis has sparked media attention and raised questions over the distribution of power within the European Union and the long-run viability of the European project. The Greek coalition government, led by Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras, was elected in January on a pledge to end ...

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The Rise of Public-Private-Partnership in Latin America


BY DANIELA URIBE 8/10/2015 During the last two decades, Public-Private Partnerships (henceforth PPPs) have assumed an important role in bridging national infrastructure gaps in developing countries. Latin America and the Caribbean is no exception. According to the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, regional investments in public infrastructure has ...

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Je suis homo economicus

Homo Economicus

By ANTONIA JÜLICH and CHRISTOPH WINTER 12/02/2015 Twelve people were killed in a terrorist attack because of religious beliefs. Images of a horrendous bloodbath. Relatives grieve for their losses. Most probably you associate these images with the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris. Yet, the probability that these attacks took place ...

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Time Inconsistency – Time for a rethink?

Bank of england

By GUS DA SILVA 02/10/2014 Pre-commitment rules are often cited as a powerful tool in mitigating time inconsistency – but do they always result in the optimal policy? And is a time consistent policy always preferable? A favourite literary allegory for economists to illustrate the problem of time inconsistency is ...

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