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The House that Khrushchev Built

BY GEORGE ISTIGECHEV, 03/05/2016 When someone on the Western side of the former Iron Curtain hears the name Nikita Khrushchev, several images spring to mind – the Cuban Missile Crisis, the infamous “we will bury you” remark, or the controversial shoe-banging incident at the UN. On the other side of ...

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The Political Economy of Development


BY SERGEI GURIEV 17/04/2016   In recent decades, economists have come to an agreement on what policies promote economic development. Protection of property rights, rule of law, effective market competition, macroeconomic stability, and openness to foreign direct investments – all of these benefit economic growth. The emerging consensus, however, immediately raises ...

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China’s New Silk Road

BY ALESSANDRO MANCINI, 15/02/2016   Chinese authorities intend to tame ethnic conflicts in the Xinjiang region by encouraging economic prosperity. For hundreds of years the Xinjiang region, located in North-Western China, was at the heart of the Silk Road- a 4.000 km route stretching across the Eurasian continent that linked ...

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STUDENT DEBATE – Should Education Be Free?


YES, EDUCATION SHOULD BE FREE BY ALBERTO TORRES 8/10/2015 The advocacy of free education, no tuition fees, may appear at first sight as irrational and ideologically driven – especially in the age of ‘neoliberal consensus’ where market forces are revered and the prosperity of private capital and financiers is sanctified. There is ...

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Inequilibrium: Greece, Germany and Social Science


BY TOMMASO PENNA 8/10/2015 The recent Greek debt crisis has sparked media attention and raised questions over the distribution of power within the European Union and the long-run viability of the European project. The Greek coalition government, led by Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras, was elected in January on a pledge to end ...

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