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Corporate Social Responsibility: Merits and Missed Opportunities

Corporate Responsibility

By JONATHAN ANDREWS 12/02/2015 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) -community and environment-targeted projects funded by corporate firms, such as providing funds to charities and creating social enterprises in disadvantaged economies to equip these communities with business skills – and diversity – ensuring the company’s employee makeup represents wider society as best ...

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Russia’s New Dilemma


By JAKOB MURATOV 02/10/2014 On Aug. 7, President Putin signed a Kremlin decree banning imported agricultural products from the European Union, the United States, Australia, Canada and Norway. According to Putin, the first and foremost reason for this action was to help domestic producers raise their competitiveness by producing and selling ...

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Time Inconsistency – Time for a rethink?

Bank of england

By GUS DA SILVA 02/10/2014 Pre-commitment rules are often cited as a powerful tool in mitigating time inconsistency – but do they always result in the optimal policy? And is a time consistent policy always preferable? A favourite literary allegory for economists to illustrate the problem of time inconsistency is ...

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Private vs State Schools: The Economic Battleground


By JONATHAN ANDREWS, 02/10/2014 Just a few days ago, the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission (2014) released a new report arguing that the UK remains “deeply elitist” and that the number of privately educated and Oxbridge graduates in top jobs has effectively created a “closed shop at the top.”[1] ...

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Economics in a world of environmental crisis


By TOBIAS UDSHOLT, based on an interview with ARILD ANGELSEN 02/10/2014 There is no scientific uncertainty that the global climate is changing, that greenhouse gases are contributing to a heating planet and that human activity bears the chief responsibility for these developments. Environmental economics entails the application of an economic framework ...

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Erdogan vs Econ 101


By MAHIR ONAT TOPAL, o2/10/2014 Anyone who reads the Turkish Prime Minister and President-elect Mr. Erdogan’s remarks on the high interest rates in his country may have thought that there had been a revolutionary change in basic economic theory. Yasin Aktay, head of the foreign relations committee of Erdogan’s ruling ...

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The rise of the social enterprise

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 23.21.14

BY DANIEL GREENER 02/10/2014 Business is changing. A new phenomenon is rising: the social enterprise. A recent study shows that social enterprises in the UK have three times the start-up rate of mainstream small and medium enterprises and are expected to record higher profits in the coming years.1 Social enterprises ...

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