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Call for Student Contributions


The most highly anticipated season has finally arrived. Are you looking for something to keep you busy this summer? Make your free time count and take advantage of not having to worry about uniwork. Now is your chance, get published at an award-winning journal which reaches a wide audience in economic and financial circles.

Voice your opinions on a topic you care about and at the same time add something to your résumé this summer. Being published at a journal is not just for academics and experts, written communications skills are a requirement in almost every job and internship position today. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers your critical thinking and analytical skills as well as your research abilities.

We aim to publish all contributions on our website, the top seven contributions will appear in the final print edition and the best three will be awarded a prize.

Topics: Anything related to economics! We aim to discuss economic issues from a varieties of perspectives so any interesting angle on the subject is welcome! examples of topics: current economic dilemmas (eg: deflation, stagnation, QE), one-country/region focus (eg: China’s reliance on credit, eurozone banking system), Comparative analysis (eg: UK productivity growth vs Germany), or economics theory itself (eg: Keynes vs Hayek)! Check out what other students have written here

Format: Minimum is 500 words, maximum 2000; don’t feel too constrained by essay-writing rules, as long as you can back up your ideas with appropriate referencing you can shape your contribution anyway you see fit. Just make sure to pick a consistent theme and don’t veer (too far) off topic!

Referencing: Make sure to include references in your contribution, which you should note in the bottom of your article. It is important to support your statements throughout your essay, by writing a number between parenthesis linking to the appropriate reference in your bibliography. Hyperlinks are fine.

Submission Policy: Contributions should be submitted (with references included) before midnight on the specified deadline date.

Contact: [email protected]

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