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Bitcoin: Regulating the Deregulated


BY PRIMAVERA DE FILIPPI, 25/03/2016 Bitcoin is widely known as a decentralized payment system, which allows for the transfer of funds across borders at virtually no costs and without external control (Abramowicz, 2015). As such, it can serve as a new backbone technology for depository institutions, increasing the speed and efficiency ...

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Beyond Bitcoin


BY VASILIS KOSTAKIS and CHRIS GIOTITSAS, 25/03/2016 A growing number of economists are concerned about the widening rift between the actual productive economy and its financial counterpart, noting that new banking tools create value that translates into money but not also into real production value. The utilisation of money as a credit tool ...

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Felix Martin: What is Money – and why does it matter?

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BY CELINE GE 23/03/2015 Felix Martin, author of the highly acclaimed book “Money – The Unauthorised Biography” and former World Bank economist, predicts that continuous technological innovation will give birth to new generations of digital currencies. During his talk on 24 March hosted by the King’s Economics and Finance Society, ...

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