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The Gender Pay Gap: Rethinking Human Capital

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By MARY GREGORY, 26/02/2015 It is now 40 years since the UK’s Equal Pay Act came fully into force, yet the gender pay gap remains ubiquitous (Goodley, 2014). More perplexingly, the same period has seen a dramatic rise in women’s educational attainment (Barnes, 2011, p.17). Girls have been outperforming boys ...

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Inequality and the Financial Crisis


By PASQUALE TRIDICO 26/02/2015 The objective of this brief essay is to show that the institutional and structural changes which occurred in the labor market and in the economy over the last two decades in Europe, and over the past 30 years in the US, were functional to the financialization ...

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Rejoice, the World is becoming a better place

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BY ADAM MEMON 14/10/2014 In a recent debate I had on the BBC World Service (CPS, 2015) with David Graeber, the anthropologist who apparently came up with the phrase “We are the 99 percent,” I quoted official figures showing big falls in extreme poverty and rises in life expectancy. His response was ...

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